Tim Church Born in Salinas, California, the salad bowl of the US, Tim first gained experience working with metal as a teenager in the produce packing houses.

During college, he expanded his metal working skills as a part-time machinist in a biomechanical research laboratory. While pursuing his medical degree at Tulane University in New Orleans, Tim was introduced to the New Orleans art scene and the seed was planted. His first true art piece was a copper fountain made for his wife, Natalie.

Years later while walking through the French Quarter, he saw some beautiful copper fountains and was inspired to revisit his copper creations. Over time, his fountains became increasingly complex taking on more of sculpture quality.

Embracing the artistic process of always looking for new challenges, he shifted his attention to metal sculptures and wall-art. Merging his metal work experience and science background he weaves, bends and wraps copper into three dimensional canvases, and then utilizes acids/bases, heat and oxygen to create rich colors and tones that seamlessly spill into each other.

More of Tim’s work can be seen at the following link:¬†http://art.timchurchmd.com/artwork/