Creason’s Fine Art Gallery was established by Greg Creason in 2009  at their former location at 831 Royal Street.  As an artist already established in California but new to the New Orleans art scene after Hurricane Katrina, Creason saw a prime opportunity to emerge onto the New Orleans’ developing art scene.  After a few years at 831 Royal Street, the gallery moved to the 532 Royal Street and remained there for almost 4 years. During those years, Creason’s Fine Art Gallery has introduced artists to New Orleans such as Darrell George, Jason Griego, Karen Luke, Tim Church, Justin Yanke, Geraldine Arata, and Fannie Bilodeaux. Additionally, established New Orleans artists Tracy Jarmon, Steve Martin, Aaron Reichert, Kathleen Whitehurst, Ben Hamburger and Ralph Richards were regularly featured.

Creason’s Fine Art Gallery moved to its current location at 831 Chartres Street in 2015. The move to our Chartres Street location allowed for a more grand display space and a working studio for artist, Greg Creason.

Creason’s Fine Art Gallery is proud to currently represent artists Greg Creason and Harry Mayronne.